Upcoming Workshops


The following workshops are being planned for this fall.  Please fill out the form below to let me know which topics would be interesting to you, and I will contact you when times have been determined.  Be sure to let me know if you have any scheduling preferences (e.g., morning or evening only!) so that I can plan these sessions at a time that works for most people!  Scroll down below the form for more details on what each workshop is about.



Program Descriptions

Snackity Snack

  • Are snacks the bane of your existence?  Most parents are constantly thinking about, packaging, and feeding their kids snacks, only to end up with a mess all over the house, the car, and everywhere else those little baggies get toted around.  Learn about the proper role of snacks in your child’s life (and your own!), and how to easily maximize them so that they CONTRIBUTE to your child’s health instead of just filling them up before dinner.  You will go home feeling less of a burden with a new arsenal of ideas and recipes to make snack time a breeze!


The Perfectly Packed Lunch

  • Lunch packing can be such a chore for many moms!  Join this workshop to learn easy tips for packing an easy, well-balanced lunch that your child will enjoy and you will feel good about.  Tips include stocking your fridge, freezer, and pantry, as well as a review of some of the top gear that can make your life easier and make eating lunch simpler, neater, and less wasteful for your kids.


Easiest “Real Food” Meals Ever

  • So you like the idea of serving “real food” to your family, but cooking is just not your thing!  Or you have the cooking skills, but more often than not you only have a few minutes to get dinner on the table, which leaves you reaching for a frozen meal or a box of mac & cheese.  Join this workshop to learn (and taste test!) some easy concepts for the fastest, easiest meals that are still well-balanced and enjoyable for the kids AND grown-ups in the house!


Navigating Whole Foods

  • Are you interested in cleaning up your family’s diet but don’t like your options at traditional grocery stores?  Do you find Whole Foods to be overwhelming?  Are you worried that you won’t be able to walk out without spending your “whole paycheck”?  Join me for a walking tour of Whole Foods to learn tips and tricks for choosing the best products WITHOUT breaking the bank!



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