Topics Include…

Topics Include


The Right Foods at the Right Price

  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Grocery Store Myths and Hype – Choosing Healthy Foods
  • Making the Most of the Local Bounty – Farmer’s Market Overview
  • Maintaining a Well-Stocked Pantry (and Fridge and Freezer too!)
  • Real Food on a Budget


Meal Planning

  • Low Fuss Family Dinners
  • Simply Wholesome Breakfasts and Snacks
  • Integrating a Food Allergy or Restriction into the Family Meal Plan


In the Kitchen

  • Kitchen Gear Essentials
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Knife Skills
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Soups, Stews, and Sauces
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Easy Vegetables
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Beans and Legumes
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Eggs and Breakfast
  • Cooking Fundamentals: Baking


Kids Eating

  • Teaching Healthy Eating Habits
  • The Perfectly Packed Lunch
  • Snackity Snack – Turning Snacktime Around


Just for Moms


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