colorful tomatoes over wooden background“Since working with you, I’ve learned about making healthier choices, navigating around the kitchen and purchasing necessary items to stock in the kitchen. I’m definitely more confident and will start to integrate healthier items in my children’s meals. You were a pleasure to work with, you understood my needs and worked at a pace that was right for me! I would recommend your services to all of my friends. Working with you has been an investment that will last much longer then our sessions.”

~Melissa Darnell, mom of 2


“You are a fantastic teacher! Very informative, made everyone comfortable, stayed on task but was flexible to allow for discussion and fun!  You’re confident and knowledgeable and clearly passionate about cooking!!  You rock!!”

~Stephanie, mom of 2


“I had a good time and the food was yummy! You have a lot of knowledge about nutrition and the food itself that I find fascinating. It’s obvious that you are very passionate and well educated about your diet and I’m really impressed at how you incorporate everything into you and your kids’ lives. Most people I know (myself included) are overwhelmed by the idea that something they currently find easy and cheap could actually be hurting their family and loved ones, and you really face up to that and take action. It’s very admirable.”

~Rena, mom of 3


bunch of raw, green asparagus

“The best part was learning new info/nutrition on foods that I already eat so that I can make better choices. In other words, to become educated on what you have been studying and promoting.  It was really great and I really enjoyed it. You were very professional and knowledgeable. I was so impressed.  Well done.”

~Heather Halper, mom of 3


“I think you are a natural Alissa. You are so easy to approach and made such a nice transition between conversation and content you wanted to address.  I loved when we went through your pantry and tried some of the healthy snacks you keep in your house!  Sounds silly but nice to see what you have because I trust your judgment!!  I also am more conscious when I do my food shopping after the class. I have to honestly say I enjoyed the whole session!!!”

~Jaclyn Cohen, mom of 2

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