Eliminate Your Cravings in 2015!

Sugar Cubes in Bag with HeadingHappy December everyone!  Doesn’t it seem like just as we started to dig our way out of the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving came and left us feeling bloated and lethargic?  And now with more holidays and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, I’m guessing that many of us are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the onslaught of sugary foods that are not helping us to feel or look our bests.  There is a reason that so many new year’s resolutions center around things like diet and exercising – the last few months of the year wreak havoc on our eating habits!



Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that once the new year kicks in, you have a plan in place to get your eating back on track?


I know how you feel!  The birth of my third baby girl 10 months ago brought lots of joy to our family, but left me sleep deprived, addicted to sugar, and feeling a bit overwhelmed as I tried to figure out how to ensure everyone in my expanded family was well nourished.

After months of feeling out of control, frustrated by what I was eating and tired of having perpetual headaches, I designed a sugar detox program based on tons of research.  I tested it out on myself, friends and family before rolling it out to clients, and I can tell you, this program works.  In just 10 days, every participant was able to stop their cravings, establish new habits, and feel good enough to have the motivation to keep on going.  Oh, and that extra weight hanging around?  Yeah, that started to come off too!

To help you all feel your best in January, I’m offering a special early bird discount on my Sugar Detox package.  If you sign up by December 152014 my individual detox program is only $300 (a savings of $50).  And if you sign up with friends, the program is $400 for 2, $480 for 3, and $560 for 4 participants.  Let me know if you would like to be in a group program but can’t convince your friends – I will do my best to form a group for you.

The program includes:

  • Guidelines on how to kick your cravings and get on track to look and feel your best
  • Menu planning and recipe ideas for the duration of the program
  • Grocery shopping guidance to help you find the best products in the store
  • Ongoing support throughout the program, including a private Facebook group for group programs
  • End of program wrap-up to plan next steps and ensure you don’t fall into your old ways
  • Optional extension – if you decide you need additional support after the wrap-up to solidify a new lifestyle, lose weight, and figure out the best foods for you, I can tell you more about my extended program!
Over the past year I have become more convinced than ever that food, especially sugar, really is addictive.  But I have also witnessed how real, clean food can help us overcome addiction while we transform our bodies, lose unwanted weight, feel our best, and prevent disease.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey towards feeling great!

And remember, if a Sugar Detox is not what you need right now, I am always available to help you with:

  • Fine tuning your cooking and planning skills to make meal preparation a breeze
  • Helping your children to develop healthy eating habits
  • Stocking your kitchen with the right tools and pantry basics to easily pull together delicious and wholesome meals
  • Navigating the grocery store to find the right foods at the right prices
  • Adjusting to a special diet or food restriction within the family
  • Maximizing your OWN health by eliminating cravings and nourishing your body
Contact me today to set up your FREE 30 minute phone consultation and talk about your goals and concerns when it comes to feeding your family, along with ways I can support you no matter where you are on your journey!

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