A New PlanetBox in the Collection!

Those of you who follow my lunch photos either on Facebook or on the Lunch Packing section of the blog are likely familiar with the lunch box we use and love, the PlanetBox Rover.  I really can’t say enough good things about our PlanetBox – it’s completely non-toxic, holds a great amount of food, encourages me to make lunches that are full of variety and color, makes it easy for my preschooler to see all of her options without opening a million containers, and completely eliminates the waste that comes with individual servings and zip top baggies.  The only drawbacks are that it is a little heavy for a preschooler, and that it is most certainly not cheap – although my little one did manage the weight without much issue, and I think the investment in a stainless steel lunchbox that should last for years is well worth it!

So, given my complete love affair with our Rover, I was so excited to have the opportunity review the new mini PlanetBox that was just released – the Shuttle.   Whereas the Rover we’ve been using for lunches has 5 compartments and can hold a complete meal, the Shuttle has two compartments and is better for on the go snacks and mini-meals.

Here’s a sample lunch packed in my original Rover:

Lunch Picture
Mac & cheese with spinach, mango chunks, orange pepper strips, mixed freeze-dried fruit and sunflower seeds, mini whole grain chocolate chip cookie


And here are a few snacks I’ve packed in the Shuttle so far:

Mixed cereal, cantaloupe, strawberries
Pepper strips, carrot sticks, cucumbers, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette
Cereal and strawberries


The Shuttle is about half the size of the Rover, although it is a little thicker so the compartments hold a surprisingly generous amount of food.  I was only going for light snacks, but I could have easily fit much more food than I did – there is definitely enough capacity for my two girls to share the snacks!  You could also fit a sandwich in the big section and some fruit/veggies on the side for a small meal.

I love that the Shuttle has many of the benefits of the Rover, including being non-toxic, eco-friendly, durable, dishwasher safe and easy to use.  I also love the small size for snacks on the go.  I often find that the Rover is overkill for packing snacks, and instead I end up using a million little containers that then need to be opened, balanced, covers kept track of, and then separately cleaned.  Having the Shuttle will definitely come in handy for trips to the pool, park, mall, and more.  Even more exciting, the small size of the Shuttle makes it perfect for balancing on little laps, something that comes in handy if they are eating on a bench, in a stroller, or even in the car.

The one thing that I found to be a bit of a bummer on the Shuttle is the carrying case.  While I love the park theme on my red carrying case, I’ve been spoiled by the Rover case which has compartments for everything – silverware, napkin, ice pack, water bottle, and even a bonus pocket for anything else you might need.  The Shuttle, on the other hand, is so simplistic that while I was able to squeeze a thin ice pack and fork in the bag (you can even buy ones directly from PlanetBox that are designed to fit), it’s not quite the same convenience.

That being said, I am very happy to be the owner of both a Rover and Shuttle, since they both serve unique purposes and will be well-used in my home!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and of course you can always check out the PlanetBox website for more info on their products.  And for tons of lunch packing ideas and resources, check out my Lunch Packing round-up!



Disclosure – I was sent a Shuttle as a free gift, but I purchased my original Rover and all opinions here are completely my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

3 thoughts on “A New PlanetBox in the Collection!

  1. The Launch Carry Bag is designed to be used with the Launch Lunchbox. It will store the Launch Lunchbox inside the bag, and has 4 pockets for storing small items, such as utensils and snacks.


  2. I tried to reach Planet Box with your affiliate link, but it doesn’t work any more (maybe that makes sense given the passage of time). My little guy is transitioning to a toddler room, so we’ll be following your lunch packing even more closely now 🙂


    1. Thanks for trying to use the affiliate link! PlanetBox changed their program at the end of last year and I updated the link on my favorite products page, but missed it on this post…it should work now, thanks for the head’s up 🙂


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