Welcome to the New Simply Wholesome Kitchen!

Hi everyone!  The Simply Wholesome Kitchen has some exciting news…in case you haven’t noticed yet (or are new here!), we are just finishing up a major makeover (which means if you are reading this in your RSS Reader, click over to the full site to see what I mean).  I am SO excited to be able to bring you a nicer-looking interface along with some cool new features.  But before I get to the highlights, I want to give a HUGE shout out to Amanda at Vintage Savoir Faire and Wellpreneur Online, who did an amazing job of building all of these upgrades for me.  Amanda is a friend of mine from college who also happens to be both a computer whiz AND a writer about healthy living, making her the perfect partner for my website redesign.

Ok, back to The Simply Wholesome Kitchen.  In addition to the new look, here are some of the new features that I’m really excited about.

  • E-mail list:  I hope you’ll join by using the sign-up box on the right hand side of the page!  I promise not to spam you; my goal here is to make sure that you never miss a post, and to send out very infrequent updates that I think my subscribers might be most interested in.
  • Print friendly recipes:  This has been a frequent request since I first launched nearly 3 years ago, and I am really happy to finally be able to deliver.  You’ll see a “print this recipe” button at the top of every recipe, which will print only what’s in the gray box.  In addition, at the bottom of each post there is the option to print the entire post if you prefer.
  • Recipe Index:  This is a dream come true for me, since I’m guessing I am the most frequent user of my blog to find recipes!  Previously I was only able to post a laundry list of all recipes on one page, and it was manual, which meant that on occasion a recipe wouldn’t make it to the index.  Now the recipe index has a number of ways you can browse, either by using the automatic laundry list of All Recipes or the additional drop-down menus which allowing you to browse recipes by course, main ingredient, season, etc.  Hover on the Recipe Index menu at the top of the page to explore!
  • Great Websites:  As helpful as I try to be in my own posts, there are some amazing blogs and websites out there that I am happy to now list in the Resources menu.
  • Favorite Products: People ask me about the products I use all the time, so I decided it was about time to post some of my favorites on the blog.  You can find the  products page in the Resources menu.  This is just a start, so please let me know if there are more products you’d like my thoughts on.
  • School Lunches: One of the most frequent questions I get is about what kinds of foods I pack in my daughter’s lunch box, so I decided to share some photos.  I’ll be posting albums on my Facebook page (which you already “like”, right??), and they will also appear on the blog under the Resources menu (although School Lunch might get its own heading soon – stay tuned!)

Please take a few minutes to join my mailing list and explore.  I hope all of these changes make The Simply Wholesome Kitchen an even better place for you to visit!

Feel free to tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and what you hope to see in the future.  And of course, if you like what you see, please share with your friends – the more people involved in this conversation, the more we can learn from one another.



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