Charoset, kid friendly and nut free!

Those of you who celebrate Passover know that the holiday has its benefits (matzo ball soup!) and drawbacks (how long has this seder been dragging on??).  On the plus side for me is definitely charoset - this sweet apple and walnut mixture comes near the end of the seder, and marks the beginning of the … Continue reading Charoset, kid friendly and nut free!

Silky Smooth Mashed Potatoes

---This post is part of my Canadian Thanksgiving series--- I'm easy when it comes to mashed potatoes - I've pretty much never met a mashed potato I didn't love, from super-buttery, creamy restaurant style to my healthier, minimal butter, skins-included Smashed Potatoes.  I really am telling the truth when I say that I enjoy my healthier version … Continue reading Silky Smooth Mashed Potatoes

Traditional White Bread Stuffing

---This post is part of my Canadian Thanksgiving series--- Obviously, stuffing is a key component of any Thanksgiving table, but I had a really hard time finding a simple, classic recipe.  Most of the recipes I came across included things like sausage, chestnuts, cornbread, etc., all of which are wonderful ingredients, but just not what … Continue reading Traditional White Bread Stuffing